Wednesday, June 25, 2014

2014 YF&R Elections

 2014 YF&R Elections!

On June 10th the Clark County Young Farmers and Ranchers held their first official election for the President and Vice President duties. Congratulations to Spencer Bunker the new President and Noah Reid Vice President for the unanimous vote into office! There were no other nominations for the candidacy. 

The Farm Bureau and YF&R groups thanks the outgoing President Mica Leatham and Vice President Dan Bevan for their hours of service and dedication to the program. In their presidency they have been able to recruit more members to YF&R and incorporate more activities to the program. Including Dinner and Rodeo at the Clark County Fair, Big Buck Contest, and the Harvest For All Food Drive. Leatham said at the meeting, "We have good members that are excited with hobby farms." He continued, "We wanted to get membership up, get invovled and continue to educate people." 

Leatham had some ideas for the future of the group, he said, "There are thing I didn't get done in my presidency but would like to see go on to the next," the new President Spencer Bunker embraced those ideas. Bunker said, "I have goals and ideas to inform people, continue recruiting members, and doing things we have in place and to do them well." Some of those ideas include; holding various demonstrations for the members to be educated in that concern their hobby farms or other niches they want to pursue, and invite high school seniors leaving FFA to join YF&R.

New President Spencer Bunker (middle) addresses the YFR members after being newly elected. The outgoing President Mica Leatham (left) Cody Hardy (right)

The Clark County YF&R also were delighted to have the new Nevada Farm Bureau Executive Director Clay McCauley and Jessica Fagundes the new Director of Communications come to the meeting on June 10th to get to know the members and talk about their goals and ideas for the program. McCauley emphasized the importance for the YF&R members to visit Carson City and Washington D.C. in order to better understand the legislature and make connections with those legislators. "My plan is to get the Young Farmers & Ranchers to get to the legislator, there is nothing better than the Legislators talking to you the Young Farmers & Ranchers."

Fagundes introduced herself to the group and discussed growing the program and staying connected through blogs and social media. She requested photos of events in Clark County that she can't attend in the future. Fagundes said, "Listening to what you guys are doing you are hitting all the bases of what Nevada Farm Bureau and American Farm Bureau are hoping for."

Clay McCauley NFB Executive Director (right) Jessica Fagundes Director of Communications (left)

Shelbie Leatham and Ashley Bunker flash a smile for the camera as they listen to the meeting. 

Lukas and Lacy Tom (left) and Jennifer Gomez (right) 

Of course everyone got to visit and have a good time reconnecting  

Cindy Hardy Woman's Leadership President holding baby Brandt Bunker

Thank you to all the Young Farmer & Rancher members that attended the meeting. Everyone enjoyed the company and the cookies!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Membership Drive

YF&R Membership Drive & Dinner

The Young Farmer's & Rancher's got together to kick off a membership drive in an effort to recruit more people interested in agriculture. This membership drive will continue until the start of the Clark County Fair & Rodeo. The Rodeo on Thursday April 10th, will be designated as Farm Bureau night and a section of the bleachers will be reserved for the Farm Bureau members.
On Tuesday evening the CC YF&R group got together to discuss the membership drive as well as enjoy each other's company over a few hamburgers and hotdogs.

A special thanks goes to Wade and Jim Hardy for being the chefs of the evening!
Jim Hardy newly elected President of the Clark County Farm Bureau, and Mica Leatham the CC YF&R President of 2 years have worked together to grow the CC YF&R program. In the last few year the program has grown and seen success. On Tuesday evening Feb. 25th the group went over the activities they have been involved in, namely the Big Buck Contest, Harvest for All Food Drive, and involvement in the Clark County Fair. All of which have turned out to be more successful every year.

Lukas Tom gave a short recap on his trip to Virginia earlier in the month with his wife Lacey for National YF&R Conference.
Jim Hardy with a few potential Farm Bureau members 

Shelbie, Mica and Kimber Leatham enjoy Wade's great cooking!

Along with Spencer and Ashley Bunker, Sarah King, and Dan Bevan's son.

Noah Reid loaded his hamburger up that night

Cindy Hardy with Roy, a potential FB member!

 Thank you to Jim and Cindy Hardy and Mica Leatham for organizing a fun evening for the YF&R members to reconnect with each other one more time before the Clark County Fair!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Harvest 4 All on February 1st

Hey Clark County!

Let's show up to support the Young Farmers and Ranchers at the Harvest 4 All event in front of Lin's Grocery in Overton. It will be held February 1st from 9:00-3:00 and all food collected will go toward the Cappalappa Family Recourse Center to help needy families in the area.

This will be their 2nd year holding the event. Last year the community was extremely supportive and they would like even better results this year! YF&R Vice President Noah Reid said, “We do this to help the community and give a sense of pride and joy.” He continued, “The community see’s people reaching out and we give them the ability to help as well.”

Nevada Farm Bureau Conference

Nevada Farm Bureau and the Nevada Department of Agriculture presented the Southern Nevada Agriculture Conference in Las Vegas last weekend at the Santa Fe Station. This was the first time in Nevada Farm Bureau history that the Annual Agricultural Conference was held in Las Vegas and Clark County was well represented there. Zach Allen the Director of Communications for Nevada Farm Bureau said, “It went well having a joint Southern Nevada Agricultural Conference with the Department of Agriculture. It gave an opportunity to share new ideas and make new friends with a variety of people throughout the state.” Allen explained that the Farm Bureau convention provides an opportunity for farmers and ranchers to discuss and create policy that benefits farmers and ranchers throughout the state.”

(Congratulations to Jill Combs of Las Vegas on receiving the Clark County Nevada Farm Bureau Volunteer of the Year Award.)
The Conference began on Thursday where the attendee’s were able to sit in on several workshops that pertained to agriculture and growing a business. Logandale resident Cindy Hardy, who is also the Chair of the Woman’s Committee, found the classes informative and helpful. She said, “They were to help farmers get ideas to better their farming or ranching businesses.” Carol Bishop the Moapa Valley Cooperative Extension Educator taught a class with the Nevada Farm Bureau Vice President and Panaca farmer, Paul Mathews on Business Planning for a Farm or Ranch. Bishop explained to the class the importance of writing down expenses and creating a plan to show profit. Bishop told the group she offers her help to those looking to improve their agricultural business. Mathews gave an example of his experience to make his farming business profitable. Through the help from a Farm Service Agency (FSA) loan and taking a class to better manage his business he was able to turn a profit after a few years of patient and documented farming. Other classes during the conference focused on agronomy or making soil fertile as well as exporting into global markets, selling local, indoor growing, farm/ranch marketing, and food safety.

Friday the Nevada Farm Bureau group gathered together to discuss policies in which they would take to the Nevada State Legislature. There was also a Discussion Meet held by the Young Farmers & Ranchers group. The Discussion Meet was a friendly competition consisting of a series of formal discussions on assigned topics. Jamie Perkins, former Young Farmer Rancher Chair explained, “They are formatted after a (Farm Bureau) Board Meeting and discussion. This prepares them to lead discussions on policy and delegating important issues to lead and share ideas.”

(Cindy Hardy at the Womans Committee Breakfast)
4 Moapa Valley residents participated in this year’s Discussion Meets; Kaluna Aki, Ashley Bunker, Stephanie Bunker, and Kaley Sproul although Sproul was representing the county she attends school in. Most of the candidates from Moapa Valley had never participated in an event such as this before but they found the meet to be a good experience for them. Aki said, “I liked how we could meet with people in the state of Nevada to discuss different views.” Aki recalled being quite nervous as were all the contestants but despite the nerves they were able to contribute to a good discussion. Ashley Bunker said, “It was good to have the opportunity to learn more about agriculture and discuss other Farm Bureau issues.” Bunker also said she learned a lot about public speaking and was able to meet a lot of people and friends. Ashley and Stephanie Bunker went on to participate in the second round of discussion that night but to their relief they did not continue to the final round. The winners of the final round were Cory Shrecengost for 1st, Bobby Fagundes took 2nd place, Dann Mathews won 3rd, and Ethan Marshall won 4th place.

(Kaluna Aki and Stephanie Bunker participated in the Discussion Meet)

(Ashley Bunker from Clark County also participated in the Discussion Meet)


Welcome to the new Clark County Board!

Clark County Farm Bureau officially welcomed their new board at their Annual Farm Bureau Dinner on October 8. We as CCFB are happy to have Jim Hardy as the new County President,
Rick Huskins as Vice Presdent, Glen Hardy was the previous President but will now be the Treasurer. Mica Leatham remains as the Young Farmer Rancher President and Irene Barlow is the newly appointed Women’s Chair. Glen Hardy and Bob Colmes were thanked for their service as President and Vice President and given a folding knife for a job well done.
We know this board will serve the Clark County Farm Bureau well and look forward to growth in the future under their lead!

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Big Buck Contest

The Young Farmers and Ranchers have put together a little friendly competition. Those who hold a Mule Deer Buck tag and want to win a Ruger 10-22 can sign up for the Big Buck Contest! Simply print off the form and mail it to PO Box 67 Logandale, NV 89021 with $25. The form can also be given to Mica Leatham, Spencer Bunker, or Cody Hardy.

  • Archery - August 10th
  • Muzzle Load - September 10th
  • Rifle - October 4th
Buck must be inspected by somone on the Big Buck Contest Committee, contact a committee member for more information
  • Mica Leatham 702-239-2310
  • Spencer Bunker 702-3081907
  • Cody Hardy 702-370-4321
Bucks will be scored by a width and point system

First prize receives a Ruger 10-22 and other prizes depending on the number of entries

Bucks may be harvested from any state to be eligible for contest

*Sponsored by Young Farmers and Ranchers

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

YF&R gather at the Clark County Fair

Growing the YF&R Program
The Clark County Fair is a great time to get the Young Farmers and Rancher member together and to invite others to come join their group. On Thursday April 11th they met next to the Agriculture Building at the fair and enjoyed some great company.A fabulous dinner of chicken, ribs, and brisket was provided by Rick Eide with Great Basin BBQ and they got to enjoy a great rodeo following the dinner.
 YF&R President, Mica Leatham, reveiwed the various activities that have been held throughout the year. He also explained to potential members that the YF&R program's main purpose is to educate people about agriculture and promote future farming and ranching. Leatham helped the attendee's realize they don't have to own a big farm or ranch to be a helpful member in the organization. He said, "Agriculture is important and I like rubbing shoulders with people in the agriculture business."

 The Fetherston family came to find out what the Young Farmer & Rancher program is all about.
 (left to right) YF&R member Betsy Hardy, Women Committee Chair Cindy Hardy, and Nevada Farm Bureau President Hank Combs socialize at the YF&R meeting. Combs reminded the group that the YF&R program provides leadership roles on the county or state level.